Referral Program

How to get up to 70% commission

1. Get a referral link

Register and get your referral link

2. Invite friends

Invite your friends to register through the referral link and get rewards once they subscribe to any membership plan

3. Get commission

Receive up to 70% commission instantly

Referral Program

Inviting friends to BitBegin allows you to benefit immediately. You will receive 70% of membership fees that will be charged whenever your friends subscribe to any membership plan. The only thing you have to do is provide your friend with your referral link to take advantage of the BitBegin referral program.
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Direct referral bonus is the bonus reward you earn when you refer a registered and upgraded member to the exchange. The direct referral bonus is limited to four (4) referrals per member. Direct referral bonus: 50% (Max of 4 referrals)

Those who refer more than four (4) traders to the exchange will have those traders spilled under their referrals that do not have any referrals yet. These attract a mentorship bonus of 20% while the referrals earn 50% referral bonus.

Eg: If Mr. A refers 12 persons to his network, he is only entitled to four direct referrals on his first level while the other 8 persons will be spilled to his second and third levels. Here, he earns 50% bonus on each of his referrals on the first level and 20% as mentorship bonus on other 8 referrals while his first level referrals will earn 50% bonus on each of the members placed below them.

Whenever a new member registers on the exchange without being referred by any individual, the system automatically places that person below any available member based on the date of registration. All those that receive members from system spill over are still entitled to 50% referral bonus

At the end of each month, all members are expected to renew their membership plan by clicking the button provided. If any member does not renew his plan he will not be able to access bitbegin services.
Note: Each month your referral renews his plan, you will receive your referral bonus.