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Currency type Trade minting (BINS) Equivalent (BTC)


BFI model is called Bonus for Stake model where active traders are rewarded for their using the amount of token they staked.
If you are not yet registered on Bitbegin exchange, register-login to your dashboard-deposit ethereum or bitcoin- buy bitsense- click the stake button and follow the procedure. CLICK HERE TO REGISTER.
The amount of token you earn depend on the total amount of BINs you staked.
Yes, you get 40% of your referral earning. There are no limit to the number of friends you can refer
You can request for withdrawals anytime but it will be based on a fixed-release of 5% percent per day.
If your account is not active, this means that you have not made I single trade for that hour.
If your account is not active, you will not be eligible to earn for that hour.
You can stake your coin as long as you want.
You will not be considered for the Bonus.
STM (Stake to Mint) is a model that allows users to mint transaction fees based on their staked amount and activeness of their account at every hour.